Photo by Octavio Villanueva
Photo by Octavio Villanueva

Rates & Fees

All payments are processed via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
All classes are Gi unless otherwise noted.

Registration (Sign Up)$50.00
Annual Membership Renewal$40.00
Monthly Teen BJJ (13 years +) & Adult BJJ (18 years +)$250.00
Monthly Kids BJJ (7-12)$225.00


** Non-Academy Members **

Single Class$85.00
Day Pass$120.00
One Week Pass$280.00
One Month Unlimited Classes$380.00

** Affiliate Students **
The following rates and fees are for current members of official Jean Jacques Machado affiliate academies only.
(Affiliate owner/chief instructor trains free of charge)
Affiliate students must provide proof of current status with their academy.

Single Class$45.00
Day Pass$65.00
One Week Pass$150.00
One Month Pass$300.00